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Congratulations ICON foundation for a successful launch of the decentralization campaign. As one of the transaction validators and block-producers, it was an honor and a privilege for us to be part of this historical event.

Up until the time of this article, over 4,000 blocks were already produced through this newly launched decentralized network. Most of the P-Rep candidates, including ICONOsphere were up until late at night, eagerly awaiting the launch. Despite the global nature of the P-Rep candidates from different parts of the world, it was great to see their commitment. P-Rep candidates from many different time zones were involved. For many others, it was also probably the middle of the night. This is a testament to the commitment and the excitement of this event in the ICON community. As Min Kim (foundation council member) pointed out, “We are very excited about the decentralization of the network. We’ve worked so hard to get to this point, but we all know this is only the beginning of the journey,” (Source:Medium). Let the journey begin.

ICONOsphere team worked from both San Francisco Bay Area and also from Nepal on a war-footing. Monitoring the event closely, our team of blockchain experts (including our CTO), Marketing team, and DevOps team worked hand in hand to make sure that we followed the event closely. We are happy to report that we have a 100% uptime.

Along with the other P-Reps, ICONOsphere continues to produce blocks for the ICON platform. The first rewards are scheduled to be awarded within the next 48 hours. We will keep the community posted on the progress.

ICONOsphere team is participating in the San Francisco Blockchain Week, where it will continue to promote this successful launch of ICONFoundation’s decentralization process. Our team will also take part in the Open Source Node Framework Event organized by Insight Data. Who ever is in town, please join us there.

Again congratulations to all including all the ICONists who staked their tokens and voted for their favorite P-Rep candidates. In the interest of more decentralization, we urge all the ICONists to distribute their staking to more than one P-rep.

Here is to our success together as we build a nation for the common good based on decentralization and trust. 

Here is a screen shot of the 1st block mined by  ICONOsphere

First block (with transactions) mined by ICONOsphere